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Life is a competition

Track any group physical activity and increase your customers satisfaction.

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Boost your business

ScreenFit has been designed and built specifically for the fitness industry. Every group training will become a fun and exciting activity.

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1. Get your armbands

Suitable for any type of exercise, created for the most accurate tracking.

2. Download our App

The ScreenFit App is friendly and easy to use, find it in the App Store and get it on your iPad.

3. Make it visible

Connect the App with a large format screen and start tracking the heart rate, burned calories and zones of your clients.

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Make it fun

Create a unique experience for your customers

Guy exercising while using ScreenFit

Get inspired

The ScreenFit concept includes the new trends of success: business gamification, low installation costs, no consumables and the creation of a customers community.

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Build your community

SceenFit transforms the way professionals interacts with their clients. It will improve the efficiency of any physical activity and increase the permanence of your club members as well as their degree of satisfaction and loyalty.

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Create a link between the training center and the client, which will feel like a team member.


Going to the gym will no longer be seen as an obligation, but as a fun time and an opportunity to get better.


Allows the coach to design a more effective and safe training, according to the needs of each user.

Start using ScreenFit, the current coach's trust tool.

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