Fitness guy with a ScreenFit t-shirt

What is ScreenFit?

ScreenFit allows to track the activity of a group of people while they perform any activity. It creates a link between the client and our center, turning it into a member of our fitness and sport ecosystem.

It is an activity tracking system, based on the user's heart rate, which allows you to visualize in real time the effort made by each participant and measure the calories consumed.

ScreenFit is the most advanced technological tool to build customer loyalty and turn physical activity into a true passion.

Group of people exercising while using ScreenFit

The ScreenFit armband

The ScreenFit smart bracelet sets the intensity of training by using an innovative optical sensor. It is a heart rate monitor placed on the arm that is perfect for any type of exercise, from individual sessions and group training in the club, to HIIT and spinning classes, both indoors and outdoors.
This fitness bracelet connects quickly and easily to the tracking system that displays the results on the control tablet or on a strategically placed screen. All in less than 5 minutes!

The app

The ScreenFit application, 100% designed by our specialists, provides real-time information to monitor any physical activity and help adjust the intensity of training accordingly.

It is extremely easy to use and is available for iPad.

ScreenFit app screenshot
Group of people excersising and looking the ScreenFit display


ScreenFit only requires a screen in the exercise area (indoor cycling, cardio, functional, etc.). Existing screens in the club can be used without additional wiring or AV work.

Neither complicated or expensive computers, special connections or additional equipment are needed.

ScreenFit recommends using a minimum 60 ”monitor to display the tracking platform, which allows you to display up to 16 participants at a time.

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