Create your community of faithful followers

ScreenFit creates a close bond between the training center and the client, who feels part of a competition system that rewards him for his effort.

Increase motivation

No more boredom and loneliness in the gym. No more sacrifice. Now we know in real time how our body reacts to physical exercise and what we are achieving. Now we have a reason to train based on the most modern and accurate technology.

More effective workouts

ScreenFit heart rate control workouts are more efficient and safer, as they allow participants to design the type of exercises according to their cardiovascular activity.

Easy to use

Unlike the systems based on calorie measuring wristbands used so far, ScreenFit's revolutionary algorithm is fully predictive and friendly. In less than 3 minutes the application recognizes the user and places it within the competition.


Finally there is a goal to achieve and a result to show proudly. Your customers will talk about you!

Continuous control by the Coach

ScreenFit allows the Fitness coach to control in real time and at a simple glance the development of the physical activity of each client. You can comment, advise and encourage your effort.

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